The Chatty Hats Story!

Hello, I’m Makiko.

Chatty Hats is my business, my passion and a big part of my life, but before we talk about that, I have a small confession to make...

To begin with, I wasn’t really a ‘hat person’ at all!

Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you – but it’s true! I’d always believed they simply didn’t suit me, so my first real encounter with hats came totally unexpectedly – here’s where it all began...

A Chance Encounter          

In 2009, I bought a hat for my new-born daughter. I bought it for the simplest of reasons – to keep her warm through the cold Calgary winter, but to my surprise, that hat attracted compliments wherever we went.

It was a pleasure to discover that a hat could be such a powerful conversation starter, and, excited by this, I felt myself being pulled into the world of handmade hats! Despite knowing nothing of the depth of the craftsmanship, I set out in 2010 with the ambition to learn all that I could...

What followed was a steep learning-curve, as I delved deep into the traditional techniques that lie behind pattern-making and millinery. Though I’ve lived in Canada for twenty years now, most of my training was completed during regular visits to my own native country, Japan.

Through a series of intensive sessions, I came to know (and love) more and more about the craft of hat-making. With my growing appreciation of the practical skills, and a passion for the design process, I was able to develop new and unique hats all of my own.

But somehow, I always knew, even from the earliest days, that I would eventually turn my passion into a business, and in the fall of 2017, that dream was at last realized with the birth of Chatty Hats!

Chatty Hats – Handmade in Calgary

Now, through this Chatty Hats online store, I’m able to offer my unique range of handmade hats to the whole world! It’s with a quiet pride that I can say that every hat sold through ChattyHats.com is handcrafted by me – with care, attention and a good dose of passion...

Even today, the endless possibilities that lie in creating a three-dimensional form from a flat piece of soft fabric continues to fascinate me.

I hope you’ll share in my passion, and find the perfect Chatty Hat for you!